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The SEED explained! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals episode. In today’s lore episode we are discussing the SEED and the Tree with Silver Wings. The entire story of Season of Arrivals revolvs around the SEED, but what does it mean!

About Myelin Games: Destiny 2 Lore every week! Come discover the lore behind your favorite Destiny 2 characters, weapons, armour and events in Destiny! Occasionally, I upload other Game Lore videos so always feel free to provide suggestions.

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The SEED explained Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

#Destiny2 #SeasonOfArrivals

0:00 Introduction and art
1:42 In-game lore
2:54 Little phone calls
4:24 The original tree
10:16 New lore
12:30 Who planted the Seed
14:45 Conclusion

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