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Game News – Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava is Out Today, Still Looks Ridiculous

Klei Entertainment is the indie dev behind hit games like Don’t Starve, Invisible Inc., and Oxygen Not Included. They’ve excelled at delivering varied gameplay experiences while maintaining a great level of overall quality. Their newest game might be the weirdest one they’ve done yet. Hot Lava is a first-person obstacle racing game blended with “The […]

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EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Oxygen Not Included – Part 3

Through the power of my gigantic brain, these duplicants are going to survive! I SHALL MAKE IT SO!! MY COMFY CLOTHES ► SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ► EDITED BY ► LIXIAN Check Out My WEBSITE!! ► Subscribe Today! ► Awesome Games Playlist ► Scary Games Playlist ► Follow my Instagram ► Follow me on Twitter ► […]

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Game News – Klei Entertainment’s Griftlands is a Deck-Building Rogue-Like With an Awesome New Trailer

Klei announced a new RPG called Griftlands back in 2017. Today, they’ve revealed that the game has been completely retooled after three years in development and is now a single-player deck-building game. It’s quite the switch, but the trailer makes the new Griftlands look very compelling. Watch for yourself below. In Griftlands, you play as […]

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It’s the Aporkalypse! – Don’t Starve Hamlet Gameplay – New Season

The Aporkalypse is being added to Don’t Starve Hamlet today, bringing the fourth “season” to the game! The sun turns to blood in the midst of an eclipse, bathing the land of Hamlet in red, stealing the sunlight, and making the Mants rise up! We’ll need to be prepared for the lack of sunlight when […]