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The Truth about Season 2.. Nickmercs, Clix Nervous

The Truth about Season 2.. LIKE AND SUB IF YOU CAN SEE THIS Get the Zero to Legends YouTube Course now!: http://bit.ly/ytlegends Official ZTL Discord: https://discord.gg/rc55cAw Stream @ 7:30 Central on Twitch Clix, Nickmercs, Ninja, Tfue, almost every single streamer and pro thinks Epic Games needs to do something and the Chapter 2 Season 2 […]

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Season X is the Worst Season Yet Pros Say.. Lachlan Says He’ll Quit

Season X is the WORST Season So Far Pros Say.. Lachlan Says He’ll Quit code thatdenverguyYT Season X is loved by some but hated by many as we deal with BRUTES/mechs/robots and their missiles and guns and mobility. Did Epic make a terrible mistake this season bringing such an overpowered vehicle in? Is it more […]