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ASMR | Game Store Role Play! (Nintendo Switch & Games!)

Hey welcome back to Jeremy Jolly’s Games! I heard you were looking for one of those super rare Nintendo Switch Consoles! Gonna play some Animal Crossing New Horizons? Well you know Jeremy has got you covered! Enjoy my new ASMR Game Store video! DON’T FORGET TO SMILE! Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter: xRyanGutierrezx Check Out My Etsy Shop! … […]

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Best Games on Game Pass! Half-Life Alyx! Animal Crossing! Show of the Week Live Streaming Now

Streaming now! Watch Mike, Jane and Andy in Show of the Week Live, with chitchat about the best games on Game Pass for Xbox One, along with Half-Life Alyx and Animal Crossing New Horizons. We’ll be keeping an eye on the live chat throughout, so join in with your Qs and we’ll deliver some As. […]

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Why 2020 Is Basically The Gaming End-Times [The Laymen Return!]

LAMON GAMON ARE BACK!!!! Before we chat about games if anyone would like to support the Australian Bush Fires, we’ve supplied a few different organisations websites to visit. === The Laymen Discuss Rise of Skywalker’s Worst And Worstest Moments (Spoiler Review) Valve Delays Approval of Pro-HK Games, Citing ‘Controversy’ Bethesda Just Cancelled The Card Game […]