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Sake Dean Mahomed was a Bengali traveler and author who became famous in England as an entrepreneur or therapist.

He grew up in India and joined the army of the British East India Company at the age of 11. In 1786 he emigrated to Cork in Ireland, where he published in 1794 his book The Travels of Dean Mahomet.

He was the first Indian author to publish a book in English. He went to London, where he opened the first Indian take-away restaurant, but was unsuccessful.

In 1814 he went to Brighton with his Irish wife Jane, where the couple opened the first shampooing vapor masseur bath, establishing the term “shampoo” in England (derived from the Indian champagne, a therapeutic head massage).

He described the treatment in the local press as a kind of Turkish bath. The business immediately became a success and became known as “Dr. Brighton “and was awarded the title Shampooing Surgeon of The King. In 1843 he handed over the business to his son Arthur.

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