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Mark McMorris HIGHLIGHT REEL | X Games Aspen 2020

Though Max Parrot came out on top of The Real Cost Snowboard Big Air at X Games Aspen 2020, judges said it was an incredibly close contest between him and Mark McMorris for the top two spots. Analyst (and Mark’s brother) Craig McMorris broke down the comparative analysis in the broadcast, puzzling out what the judges might be thinking before the final rankings were confirmed: “Mark has landed 5 jumps, Max has landed 4. Mark spun 4 ways, Max spun 3, Max has more 1620s, Mark has more landed jumps. What do you do?”

After a bit of deliberation about exactly that calculus, the judges sided with Parrot.

But the silver medal was still a win for McMorris in one respect: his 18th career medal brings him even with Shaun White’s longstanding record for most medals from X Games winter disciplines. White has been the king of that hill since 2008. McMorris is scheduled to compete at more X Games comps in 2020. It seems likely that he’ll own this record outright within the next two months.

McMorris’ 18 medals come from 24 winter starts (that’s 75 percent of his starts). Shaun’s 18 have come from 27 winter starts (66.6 percent of his winter starts). Clearly, the sky is the limit for Mark McMorris in 2020.


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