HomeseasonsGame Of Thrones: Season 8: Episode 4: Ending Explained, Story Recap + Episode 5 Predictions

Game Of Thrones: Season 8: Episode 4: Ending Explained, Story Recap + Episode 5 Predictions

Game Of Thrones: Season 8: Episode 4: Ending Explained, Story Recap + Episode 5 Predictions The Mad Queen, Cersei, The Mountain Beheads Missandei, Daeneyrs vs Jon Snow, Bran Stark, Arya Kills The Night King, GOT Full Episode Recap And Review

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GOT: Season 8: Episode 4 Recap
Episode 4 picks up with the aftermath of the battle of Winterfell.

The citizens burn the bodies and the fires go far beyond the funerals as Jon and Dany realise that they never settled who would get the throne when this is all over.

Dany decides to appoint Gendey as a Lord which to me is clearly a power play that will probably gain his loyalty, this all goes to his head a bit and faster than you can say I definitely am not a virgin now, he proposes to Arya.

However, Arya is now able to put Night King killer in her tinder bio so she turns him down stating “Any lady will be lucky to have you,” she says. “But I’m not a lady, I never have been. That’s not me.”

game of thrones season 8 episode 5 full episode review

Jaime Gets Jammy
That’s not the only part of the episode that feels like it’s from an MTV dating show either with Jaime doing the old, ‘baby it’s cold outside’ line and Danyers going to Jon hoping that he’s got the taste of Aunty out of his mouth. Dany says they can be together but only if they keep their little secret which…if the roles were reversed and it was Dany’s uncle telling her that would be yeah…a bit creepy.

Naturally, Jon doesn’t seem to be into it and this too sets up the role that Danyers will probably travel down as the mad queen.

It turns out she’s not the only one either and in the war room, the parties discuss how they only have half an army now whereas Cersei’s has doubled in size. This is pretty much the army that your ex told you not to worry about that’s two times bigger, has an amazing tan and actually has a penis.

Now We Will Win The Last War
The words “We have won the great war, Now we will win the last war.” echo throughout the episode and it’s clear that Dany believes that with her at the helm, there will be everlasting peace which of course shows her arrogance and conceitedness. Jon pledges his armies but you get the feeling that he’s just keeping her sweet until this is all over and the Starks have the time to make a power play. Bear in mind she doesn’t have much of an army left so there’s not much reason to bow to her when this is all over.

This to me is confirmed by the fact he gathers his siblings for a gossip and in true ‘no you tell them’ style Jon makes Bran do it.

At this point, Jaime and Tyrion are chilling which is when Bronn of Blackwater busts in and tries his luck. Savvy Tyrion offers to double the offer which is great because we all know Bronn loves money and killing people.

Tyrion uses his smooth tongue later to try and convince Sansa that Dany is the dragon to back in this race but it seems to fall on deaf ears with the gossip spreading faster than an episode of Loose Women and them all realising that this new information is power.

They know that Jon has a better claim and that more people like him so they try to come up with a way to have the two share the throne but we all know deep down that Dany isn’t too good at that.

Death Of A Dragon
Meanwhile, Daenerys sails forth with her small fleet which is when we get our big death in the episode with Euron Greyjoy taking down Rhaegal with a humungous crossbow.

We all know that was Jon’s ride so this again symbolises that Dany will be sole in her ownership of power going forward. Daenerys and her fleet are wiped out with Missandei going missing amongst the chaos.

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