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Game News – Spaceland is a New Sci-Fi Tactical RPG from Tortuga Team

Developer Tortuga Team is taking a more action-oriented approach to tactical RPGs with their upcoming title Spaceland. The team behind the Braveland series is aiming to translate their fast-paced take on the genre into a sci-fi space, with players taking control of members of a “futuristic kill team.” Also, if you haven’t gathered, you’re in space.

This so-called kill team will be deployed to a hostile planet, where the team members will kill the heck out of aliens. I presume that these are bad aliens. The brief trailer namedrops the XCOM series and Incubation as gameplay inspirations and science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein as thematic inspiration—for reference, Heinlein wrote Stranger in a Stange Land and Starship Troopers.

While Spaceland looks like it wears a lot of influences, it will still try to streamline gameplay in a unique fashion. Turn-based battles are promised to be quick, taking just around 10 to 15 minutes. Players won’t have to spend time with character customization, loadouts, and other forms of management, with each character already prepped for combat. And players won’t lose any time recovering from missing shots, with the game wanting players to focus on character placement.

Equipment that players can use will include Dash Thrusters, Grenades, Teleporters, Mines, Power Shields, and apparently even more yet to be revealed. Information can be found and recorded, filling out what is essentially an alien encyclopedia that will aid in the mission to annihilate hostile aliens. But will it be mindless extermination from the “tough-as-nails” tactical team of Space Rangers Lead?

With the brief focus on story and dialogue in the otherwise short trailer, and considering the nuances of the work from Robert A. Heinlein, I’d hope that there is a bit of a twist in the story, and it’ll be much more than a shoot-em-up. The press release does promise “rich dialogues” that reveal the “true colors” of the team members, so perhaps there will be more to this conflict.

Until then, you can watch that trailer for Spaceland below, along with a gallery of screens. Tortuga Team is aiming for a Q3 release on PC.

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