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Game News – Granzella Announces Kickstarter for R-Type Final 2, Release Platforms

Granzella announced today a worldwide Kickstarter crowdfunding for R-Type Final 2 will be launching on June 4, midnight JST. Following a poll asking the fans’ opinions, the game’s platforms were also revealed: R-Type Final 2 is supposed to launch for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

The Kickstarter page will go live at a later date.

While being a small studio, Granzella has many legendary IPs under its wing such as Steambot Chronicles and R-Type. Granzella was founded by Kazuma Kujo and other ex-employees of Irem, and as they managed to take these IPs with them, they should definitely capitalize on it. I definitely think Granzella is making the right move there.

The very first R-Type game launched in Japanese arcades in 1987 and is notorious worldwide for its interesting lore, and its difficulty, which pretty much required to know the game by heart. Many all around the world love R-type and will definitely put some money on the table for a new game.

R-Type Final 2 was first announced on April 1, 2019, leading many to initially believe it was an April Fool’s. The western day is quite popular in Japan, and multiple Japanese developers post joke announcements and games on that day. However, as it coincides with the start of the new fiscal year, multiple announcements are actually real.

Another Granzella game, Disaster Report 4+ Summer Memories, was recently announced for Switch in Japan. The game is already available on PS4 in Japan, and it might possibly come west soon.

The announcement trailer for R-Type Final 2 can be found below.

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