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Game News – Destiny 2 from Bungie is Reportedly Coming to Google Stadia

This morning, data miner Ginsor discovered an image that seemed to reveal that cross-save support was coming to Destiny 2. As fans of Bungie’s game started speculating about this being announced during tomorrow’s livestream, Kotaku came out with a report stating they have heard from sources that cross-saving is coming to game. Not only that, but Destiny 2 will arrive on Google Stadia as well.

Two of Kotaku’s sources claimed that this feature will be announced tomorrow during the aforementioned Destiny livestream. They also told Kotaku that cross-saves will work between the PC, Xbox One, and soon to be released Google Stadia version of the game. PS4 is oddly absent from the report, though that doesn’t completely rule out its chances of supporting the feature once the actual announcement rolls around.

While Destiny 2 players looking to switch platforms will be pleased with the cross-save announcement tomorrow, a Google Stadia release would turn even more heads. Kotaku has heard that Destiny 2 is coming to Google Stadia from five different sources, adding credibility to this claim. It will certainly be interesting to play a multiplayer title as demanding as Destiny 2 straight from a Google Chrome browser, though cross-saves and a release on Google’s platform  should make the game much more accessible.

We will learn whether this report is true or not tomorrow, though Kotaku’s track record with rumors suggests that this report has weight to it. Stadia Connect is poised to take place at 12pm ET tomorrow, with Kotaku claiming that this announcement will happen there. Meanwhile, Bungie is holding its own livestream regarding the future of Destiny 2 at 1pm ET where we will likely hear more about cross-saving and the leaked Shadowkeep

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