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Game News – Azur Lane: Crosswave ‘Battle Basics’ introduction video

Azur Lane: Crosswave ‘Battle Basics’ introduction video

One minute of battle footage.

Azur Lane: Crosswave

Compile Heart has released the fourth in its series of “Ryuu News” videos for advance naval RPG Azur Lane: Crosswave, which introduces the basics of battle.

Here is an overview of the video, via Compile Heart:

If a battle occurs during the Joint War Games, the scene will transition to battle. Battle scenes are depicted as shooting games, and allow you to freely control the character. The player can fight while switching between three characters.

You raise your level and pierce the enemy head-on, or you can test out your equipment / formation and take on the enemy at a low level. Get rid of the powerful enemies that stand in your way and aim for victory!

Controls (Default Configuration)

  • D-pad (left, right): Change player character
  • D-pad (up): Camera zoom-in
  • D-pad (down): Camera zoom-out
  • Left stick: Move character
  • Right stick: Aim movement (camera control)
  • R1 button: Shoot 1 (varies by ship type)
  • R2 button: Shoot 2 (varies by ship type)
  • Circle button: Lock-on attack (varies by ship type)
  • X button: Special evasive action (varies by ship type)
  • Square button: Character-exclusive skill
  • Options button: Menu display

Azur Lane: Crosswave is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29.

Watch the video below.

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