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Game News – Anthem Receives its First Tips and Tricks Video to Walk Players Through Javelin Combat

Anthem will officially launch just one week from today; that being said, Origin Access members on PC and Xbox One can actually start playing the game today. As such, it’s time for EA and BioWare to walk people through how the game works with various gameplay videos. Today, we received the first Tips and Tricks video from them and it focuses on the basic Javelin combat that, obviously, serves as the backbone for the entire Anthem experience.

There are four different javelin suits that serve as different classes of sorts to encourage different playstyles: Storm, Ranger, Colossus, and Interceptor. That being said, they aren’t all unlocked from the start and players will have to choose which one they want to unlock at levels 2, 8, 16, and 26. The video then walks players through the four different Javelin classes.

The Storm is supposed to be a superhero-like “master of the elements,” most akin to the mage of the group. It has a variety of ice, fire, and lightening attacks it can perform during combat but it is the most frail of the Javelins. Next, the Ranger seems to be a more standard Warrior class that mainly focuses on attacking, with the developers also calling it the most balanced one.

As you could probably tell from looking at it, the Colossus is the tank of the group with really versatile defensive capabilities as well as slow but strong attack to help in the pinch. Finally, the Interceptor acts a the rogue, being extremely fast being relying mostly on close-ranged combat.

Following its exploration of the four different Javelins, the video then delves into how players can customize gear, change between weapons, take advantage of movements, and keep ability cooldowns and ultimates in mind. You can check the first Anthem Tips and Tricks video out for yourself below. Anthem is poised to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22.

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