Fast List Explained | Is 60-130 the New Quarter Mile?

Every one knows about 0-60 and the quarter mile. But is it really the best way to measure a car’s straight line performance? Or is using a VBOX or Dragy and doing 60-130 pulls the best way to tell if the car is fast. Let’s also talk about how we do our acceleration testing.

Track Day TV is a channel dedicated to performance cars and building an extensive database of their acceleration times. At the same time, I strive to deliver content in a cinematic and visually pleasing style with honest opinions from a guy who just wants to drive cars fast.

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“But Enough About Me, Bill Paxton” by Chris Zabriskie –
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Legal disclaimer: This video is a cinematic recreation to provide factual information and entertainment. All local speed and traffic laws were obeyed during the filming and production of this video. Any display of speed or racing was either performed at a local race track, on a closed course, or reenacted legally for the purposes of filming the episode.

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