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Fast and Aggressive ASMR Triggers


The blue yeti and fast, rough ASMR sounds are my favorite combination. Hope this was fast and aggressive enough for you and brought your tingles back! Also, this was the most exercise I’ve gotten in months lol
0:00 hand sounds, clapping, finger snapping, putting on windshield, whispering
0:56 mic brushing w/ windshield
3:11 controller sounds aka button pressing
6:30 lid sounds
9:38 mic scratching w/ windshield
10:42 slinky
13:22 bamboo brush
16:34 mic brushing w/o windshield
17:05 pill bottle
19:38 green hairy ball (ew, that sounds wrong)
22:09 hand sounds
22:39 textured perfume bottle
24:49 blue metal bottle
27:59 textured perfume bottle again

My fave sound in this is starting at 12:57 😴

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