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Every Major Games Retailer Released Terrible News This Week

Lamon Gamon!!!!

EB/GameStop closes 19 stores in Aus 🙁

Is our precious 7 day return policy in jeopardy?!?!

Laymen Merch!!!-

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The Laymen Play TemTem – A Pokemon Game That Doesn’t Suck

Pay For Old Pokemon, And Pay Even More To Store Them. YAY!

2 Months In, Stadia Feels Doomed…

Project UFO Is Basically A Switch That Plays PC Games [CES 2020]

The Laymen Review The Mandalorian (Season 1)

Why 2020 Is Basically The Gaming End-Times [The Laymen Return!]

The Laymen Discuss Rise of Skywalker’s Worst And Worstest Moments (Spoiler Review)

Valve Delays Approval of Pro-HK Games, Citing ‘Controversy’

Bethesda Just Cancelled The Card Game No One Knew Existed

The Laymen Review Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Xbox Head Says VR Not A Focus For Next Gen. Sony Doesn’t Agree…

The Laymen Couldn’t Disagree More About Pokemon Sword and Shield (Review)

Pokemon Company Wants To Sue Leakers Who Started Dexit Drama

Here’s What CDPR REALLY said about MTX In Cyberpunk 2077

Delays, Lag & Lies- Stadia 76 Is Here

2019 GOTY Nominees Are Out And As Usual, Fans Aren’t Happy

EA Bioware Plan To Reanimate Anthem’s Decaying Corpse with Anthem 2.0

Lifetime Ban For Fortnite Pro Leaves Community Divided

Blizzard Says It Never Would Have Approved Controversial Pro-China Statement

The Laymen Review Death Stranding

Blizzard Better Not Screw This One Up (What To Expect From BlizzCon19)

How Much Cringe Can You Cram Into A 100 minutes? Let’s Find Out…

EA Signs Deal With Valve To Bring Games To Steam (RIP EPIC)

Bethesda’s Lies Haunt Them As Fallout 76’s Worst Scam Belly-Flops


Whale-Hunting AI Will Change Gaming Forever (And Not In A Good Way)

Bliz Throws BIG Hail Marys To Save BlizzCon 2019

Riot’s Plans To Dominate EVERY Genre, But Is It Too Ambitious?

We Played The Avengers Game – It’s Making Some Risky Plays…

Blizz’s Overwatch Launch Event Canned Fearing Mass Protests in NYC

Sam’s Interview With Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Did NOT Go As Planned

Massive Protest Planned For BlizzCon as Blizz Response Angers Fans

Official Blizz Statement Adds Fuel To PR Inferno – Boycotts, Politicians, Resignations & More

Blizzard Sells Out Democracy & Free Speech In Pursuit of Chinese Market

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is Pretty Good Despite The Re-Hashed Content (Laymen Impressions)

Ubisoft’s HILARIOUS Response To Macro-Transaction Meltdown (Ghost Recon 76)

Joker Is 1000% Genius (The Laymen Review)

Ubisoft Puts EA, Activision and Bethesda To Shame With Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Activision Calls Crisis Meeting As Pre-Orders Numbers Plummet

Bruh, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Blows…

Nintendo’s Mobile Greed is Honestly Stunning

Activision Finds New Way To Screw Over Loyal CoD Community (Modern Warfare 2019)

All The Big News (Or Lack There Of) From Sony’s State Of Play

The Laymen Review Borderlands 3

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