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Game News – The Unholy Trinity Uses its Retro Style to Horrify You

The rise in horror games‘ popularity came as the medium went 3D, got more detailed, and had more tools to frighten players with. While some retro games, mainly point-and-click adventures, did enter the horror genre, games like this that actually manage to be scary are a rarity. That being said, FAITH: The Unholy Trinity seems […]

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Game News – EA Games are Coming Back to Steam Starting Next Month with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

After a week’s worth of teases and rumors, Electronic Arts made it official today and announced that it will soon be bringing its games to Valve’s Steam platform for those on PC. EA is set to launch EA Access, its subscription program that is currently only available on PS4 and Xbox One on Steam next […]

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Game News – The Excellent Dicey Dungeons Gets a Halloween-Themed Update

Last week, I decided to pick up Dicey Dungeons on a whim and I’ve had an absolute blast with it. Its unique take on deck-building with dice-based attacks is surprisingly captivating, and the roguelike structure keeps me playing for hours on end. I’m mad I missed out on this game at release as it’s already […]

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Game News – Monster Hunter World on PC Gets a Development Roadmap for Future Updates After Iceborne

While the game originally released last year, Monster Hunter World has continued to grow a fervent community and playerbase thanks to its compelling gameplay and huge roster of monsters to face. Coming off the heels of its most recent expansion for the console versions (and coming to PC later), Iceborne, Capcom is giving players of the […]

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Game News – Gears 5’s Most Pivotal Story Moment Worries Me About The Series’ Future

Editor’s Note: This article contains story spoilers for Gears 5: we recommend coming back to this piece after completing the single-player campaign. After finishing the campaign for Gears 5, my thoughts are muddled. Most of my uncertainty around the game is due to several different things like Kait’s character arc (which doesn’t feel fully-developed yet), […]

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Game News – How to Get Insane Shots with Build Mode in Session

Crea-ture Studios’ skateboarding simulation Session brings the magic that EA’s Skate series brought, but ramps up the complexity of performing tricks. While you’re offered a lot of freedom in controlling your tricks, the general exploration of the level is rather constricting, with most of the city being heavily barricaded. There was a time when skateboarding […]

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Game News – Disco Elysium Review — Superstar Cop Confronts Reality

Disco Elysium is an open world RPG that is more concerned with conversations than it is with turn-based or real-time combat. You’re likely to play the entire game and never fire more than a single shot. Instead of a vast array of party members, you have one, and instead of a large sprawling map, you […]

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Game News – Crusader Kings III Announcement Trailer Launches, Crusader Kings II is Now Free to Play

Crusader Kings fans can rejoice as the third installment in the popular strategy game franchise from Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings III, has been officially announced today through a new story trailer. Said trailer highlights the title’s theme of using both cunning and alliances to strengthen your kingdom and secure its dynasty for generations to come: […]

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Game News – Avicii Invector is a Mesmerizing Rhythm Game Featuring the Late DJ’s Music

After several years of collaboration, Avicii and Hello There Games released Invector for PS4 in 2017. Though the notable musician passed away on April 20, 2018, Wired Productions, Hello There Games and Avicii Music are releasing an updated version of the game, its title lengthened to Avicii Invector, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox […]