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Game News – Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveals the Ghost Monsters’ New Look for Halloween

The official twitter account for Final Fantasy VII Remake tweeted on October 31 a brand new screenshot, comically showing Cloud running away from ghosts, and wishing a Happy Halloween to everyone. Even the bravest heroes have to watch out for spooky ghosts and ghouls today! Happy #Halloween from the #FinalFantasy VII Remake team! #FF7R pic.twitter.com/XOIWOZsHZg […]

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Game News – PS4 Has Now Surpassed Wii and PS1 to Become the Second Best-Selling Console Ever

After surpassing 100 million PS4 units sold just a few months back, Sony today announced that the PS4 has now passed yet another milestone with its latest sales total. Sony revealed today that another 2.8 million PS4 units were shipped around the world during the company’s most recent quarter of its fiscal year. Lifetime, this […]

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Game News – PlayStation May Be Looking to Acquire More Studios Beyond Insomniac

In August, Sony announced they had acquired Insomniac, the studio behind titles like Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank. With Wednesday’s second-quarter earnings call, we learned that the PlayStation team might be looking to bring more studios into the fold. This is especially big news with the PS5 launch looming next year. PlayStation Worldwide Studios currently […]

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Game News – Nioh and Outlast 2 are November’s Free PS Plus Games

With November right around the corner, Sony today announced which new titles PS Plus subscribers can expect to add to their digital libraries on PS4 for next month. November’s PS Plus lineup is a pretty solid one and first features Koei Tecmo’s soulslike title Nioh. The game originally released in 2017 and has since been considered […]

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Game News – The Last of Us Artwork Shows Ellie and Joel Comically Sketched by Disney Artist

With the disappointing news last week that The Last of Us Part 2 would now be moved from 21, February 2020 to its new date of May 29, 2020, we needed something to cheer us all up, right? Good thing we all have Ami Thompson, an Art director and animator at Walt Disney Animation Studio, […]

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Game News – PlayStation Vue is Shutting Down in January

It looks like Sony’s PlayStation Vue service won’t be making the transition to next-gen with the PS5 in 2020. After rumors started swirling earlier this week, Sony made it official today and announced that PlayStation Vue, the company’s streaming television service, will be shuttering in just a few months. More specifically, Vue will be shutting […]

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Game News – PS6 Through PS10 Trademarked by Sony Before PS5’s Launch

While the PS4 is still going strong, Sony definitely is looking at what comes next. Earlier this month, they pulled back the curtain on PlayStation 5 further, confirming its name as well as the fact that it will release during Holiday 2020 alongside Microsoft’s Project Scarlett and the Intellivision Amico. Today, it was noticed that […]

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Game News – Death Stranding’s Launch Trailer Will Drop Tomorrow

Director Hideo Kojima has been teasing for weeks now that he has been hard at work on the launch trailer for Death Stranding and as of now, we know when the trailer is finally set to arrive. Kojima Productions announced today that Death Stranding’s final trailer before release will drop tomorrow on October 30. The video will […]

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Game News – Death Stranding is Coming to PC in Early Summer 2020

Kojima Productions and 505 Games announced that Death Stranding will be launching on PC in 2020, in early summer. The announcement was made via Kojima Productions’ Twitter account. Moreover, 505 games stated through a press release that more details related to the PC version of Death Stranding will be coming in the near future. Thanks […]

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Game News – Modern Warfare Easter Egg Calls Out Players Who Keep Shooting the Baby

Heavy spoilers ahead for a mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a mission, considered one of the best in the game, in which players perform a raid on a house in Camden Town. The mission require stealth and precision as you check rooms for potential targets. In one […]