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Game News – How to Get Insane Shots with Build Mode in Session

Crea-ture Studios’ skateboarding simulation Session brings the magic that EA’s Skate series brought, but ramps up the complexity of performing tricks. While you’re offered a lot of freedom in controlling your tricks, the general exploration of the level is rather constricting, with most of the city being heavily barricaded. There was a time when skateboarding […]

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Game News – Skate Spiritual Successor Session Makes Me Want to Jump Back on a Skateboard Again

In my adolescence, getting good grades was the least of my worries. Only two things mattered: music and skateboarding. Both of which somewhat go hand in hand. Both can be described as ways to express yourself in ways only possible through those means. If you have been or ever been into playing music or skating, […]

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Game News – Skateboarding Sim Session Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Its September Launch into Early Access

It’s been a minute since gamers have had a quality skateboarding game to enjoy. Skate 3 released in 2010 and, outside of the OlliOlli series, the genre hasn’t had anything to play worth your time. That might all be changing with Crea-ture Studios upcoming release of Session. The game was successfully Kickstarted in 2017 and […]

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Game News – E3 2019 Dreams — Just Give Me My Dumb Skateboarding Game. It Doesn’t Even Need to Be Skate 4. Please.

Last year, I openly shared a dream with all of you: a dream that would not only bring joy to myself, but to everyone on this beautiful blue and green rock we call Earth. This video game would basically change the landscape of video games. Of course, I’m talking about the much anticipated but surely […]