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Game News – Aladdin and The Lion King Review — Oh I Just Can’t Wait For This to be Over

As I’ve stated many times before, Disney is very near and dear to my heart. I’ll basically consume anything made by them and probably defend them a bit more than I should when it comes to their corporate decisions. That being said, it came as a surprise to some of my colleagues that I never […]

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Game News – Study Shows the Value of Some Retro Video Games

Retro video games are a reminder of past technological achievements, a nostalgic look back at childhood, and it seems that you can put a hefty price tag on them these days. According to Safestore, for retro games that are left unopened and factory sealed, they can bring in quite a large price tag. The study, […]

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Game News – Sega Genesis Mini Review — Genesis Does What Nintendoes Pretty Well

For years, plug and play consoles typically had a bad rap for being poorly made cash-grabs with poorly emulated games. That being said, the NES Classic Edition’s 2016 release changed that perception. Its build quality was great and it contained well-emulated versions of many classics. The NES Classic and its SNES successor quickly became hot […]

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Game News – HD Remasters of The Lion King and Aladdin Games Set to Launch This Fall

With the GameStop Managers Conference underway, it’s being reported that HD remasters of The Lion King and Aladdin are launching later this year. The news made its way online thanks to Twitter user @Wolverinefactor who reported on it. According to his Twitter thread, the remasters will include the original SNES and Sega Genesis versions of […]

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Game News – The Sega Genesis Mini Features Solid Emulation of Many Classics

The Sega Genesis Mini may be in the shadow of the NES and SNES Classic, but it is the mini retro console that appeals to me the most. While I wasn’t alive during the system’s heyday, I still have fond memories of playing my dad and uncle’s systems as a kid. I am also very […]

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Game News – Sega Genesis Mini Touts an Impressive Library and Quality of Life Improvements Compared to Competitors

Every HDTV in our homes will probably have two or three HDMI ports, and with so many devices at our disposal we eventually have to get picky about what uses those. So why devote one of those ports for a throwback retro console? That’s the question I have for all of these mini consoles that […]

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Game News – Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Mini Releasing Worldwide This September

During the Sega FES 2019 livestream in Japan, it was announced that Sega’s own mini console versions — the Mega Drive and Genesis — would be released worldwide on September 19th of this year. Sega Japan confirmed tons of information on the upcoming mini consoles. First, that for the US the Mega Drive would be […]