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Game News – Modern Warfare Review — Lights Out in London

The Call of Duty series has been in a weird spot since Ghosts. It’s like the series had lost its identity as new shooters started to emerge, with the competition bringing more interesting gameplay mechanics than the tried and true Call of Duty formula. When the series tried to adapt with futuristic changes, it felt […]

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Game News – Aladdin and The Lion King Review — Oh I Just Can’t Wait For This to be Over

As I’ve stated many times before, Disney is very near and dear to my heart. I’ll basically consume anything made by them and probably defend them a bit more than I should when it comes to their corporate decisions. That being said, it came as a surprise to some of my colleagues that I never […]

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Game News – Afterparty Review — This Must Be The Bad Place

It’s a bit hard to not constantly compare a studio’s second outing to their big debut—it might even be unfair to even do so. But Night School Studio’s Afterparty is a clear attempt of an evolution of the style they established in their 2016 game Oxenfree, a game that I admire quite a lot. It […]

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Game News – Banana Blitz HD Review — Feels Like I’m Going Bananas Again

My first memories of the Super Monkey Ball franchise were that of wonder and excitement. With an interesting take on one of my favorite genres, platformers, it was a colorful and lively series that would undoubtedly be recalled in the future with nothing short of fondness. My second memory of the Super Monkey Ball franchise […]

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Game News – WWE 2K20 Review — Bah Gawd, They’re Running On Instinct!

The current WWE programming is a mess. Plain and simple. The company’s flagship shows, Raw and SmackDown, are the worst they have been in a while. Then there is NXT, the show that wrestling fans seem to like. Yet, it is scheduled on Wednesday night at the same time as AEW Dynamite, maybe the biggest […]

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Game News – Disco Elysium Review — Superstar Cop Confronts Reality

Disco Elysium is an open world RPG that is more concerned with conversations than it is with turn-based or real-time combat. You’re likely to play the entire game and never fire more than a single shot. Instead of a vast array of party members, you have one, and instead of a large sprawling map, you […]

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Game News – Last Answer Review — Matsue Travel Guide

Have you ever dreamed of barging into people’s lives, shoving their past mistakes in their face like a huge jerk, helping them fix everything, all while realizing your own faults and advertising touristic spots in Matsue? Because this is Root Letter‘s story in a nutshell. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing — it’s the […]

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Game News – The Outer Worlds Review — A Space Force to be Reckoned With

All of the right elements seem to have come together to make The Outer Worlds an enthralling game. Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, creators of the original Fallout and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, came back together after years apart to direct the project. They did so with Obsidian Entertainment, a studio known for excellent […]

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Game News – The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Review — Sustaining the Life of the Party

After five party packs from Jackbox Games, it is fair to say that we all “get” Jackbox at this point. Players are familiar with the tropes, the formulas, and the overall sense of humor of these packages, and these games have been around long enough that we can use previous games as references in discussing […]

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Game News – Hero Is Back Review – Moving Backwards

Monkey King: Hero Is Back has plenty flaws. The gameplay is rudimentary, the sound design is horrid, and the graphics are mediocre at best. And yet, it’s still pretty fun. It has throwback charm. It harkens back to a time when movie tie-in cash grabs were a dime-a-dozen; when gameplay design just meant letting the […]