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Game News – Trials of Mana Has The Potential to Be a Solid Remake

Remakes in the video game industry have slowly, but surely become a familiar occurrence in recent years. With recent titles like Resident Evil 2 and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, the expectations have risen as to what players expect from the recreation of their favorite games. Last year Square Enix released a new 3D version of Secret […]

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Game News – Fallen Order is Poised to be EA’s Best Game of This Generation

While I was at an event associated with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order earlier this week, one of the employees working at the event’s location knew I had played the game that day and asked me how it was. I told him that I couldn’t share my thoughts until later this week due to being under […]

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Game News – Zombie Army 4 is Unabashedly Silly and Just What I Want from a Zombie Shooter

Going into my scheduled appointment for Zombie Army 4: Dead War at New York Comic Con last weekend (a title we played earlier this year at E3), I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from playing it. Having never played any of the Sniper Elite titles (other than being familiar with their infamous slo-mo killcam) […]

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Game News – WWE 2K20 Shows Visual Concepts Spreading Their Wings

Since Yuke’s and Visual Concepts came together to create the WWE 2K series, it has been an uphill battle. The differences in vision for each company was palpable as each entry has been a representation of that battle. That all changes with WWE 2K20, with Yuke’s out of the way and Visual Concepts in the […]

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Game News – Resident Evil Project Resistance is an Escape Room in a Haunted House

It may be too easy to compare every four-player co-op game with zombies to Left 4 Dead, but it should be said that Project Resistance takes some interesting liberties with that formula. Through a playable demo at New York Comic-Con 2019, this multiplayer spin-off of the Resident Evil series showed off its stuff to a Western […]

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Game News – Mosaic is a Dark Tale Entwined with Hope

In this ever-changing and chaotic world we live in today, most of us can relate, in some way, to the feeling of being trapped in a routine and the challenges we battle due to that. Whether it’s from work, school, or home life – it’s the daily struggles we have to face as being part […]

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Game News – Marvel’s Avengers Is Pitched as a Reboot Where You Make the Heroes Your Own (With Loot)

As a devotee of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I couldn’t help but feel massively underwhelmed by the E3 2019 presentation of Marvel’s Avengers. While it didn’t look particularly egregious, it had a look and feel that seemed too understated, and very much derivative of the 2012 film that popularized the superhero group to the mainstream. […]

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Game News – Saints & Sinners VR is a Roller-Coaster of Emotions

I walked into the office space where The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ demo was to be held, with its sleek, modern, and under-designed aesthetics portraying nothing of the game I was soon to experience. From there I was introduced to some of the narrative themes that would play a major role in The Walking […]

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Game News – No Straight Roads Tries to Bring Back Rock in A Dystopia Ruled By EDM

Since the decline of music-rhythm games, there haven’t been many titles that lean heavily on music or make it the main focus. No Straight Roads is working to change that in a cool refreshing way. The story, characters, and, of course, music revolve solely around it. Unlike other rhythm-based games, you don’t have to stay on […]

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Game News – Backbone is A Fascinating Noir Set in An Animal Dystopia

I love a good mystery and Backbone is driving to deliver just that with a unique, fictitious world where animals talk, walk on two feet, and humans seemingly do not exist. As I was dropped into this world I was enamored by several characteristics. I was brought in with a smooth and jazzy music arrangement, a beautiful […]