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Game News – Carto, Consume Me, Afterparty, Samurai Gunn 2, and Spelunky 2

Double Fine Entertainment, best known for their work on creating the games Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, and Kickstarter success Broken Age, has been hosting a Day of the Devs event every year since 2012 in coordination with iam8bit. This event shows off upcoming indie games that may not be getting a lot of attention […]

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Game News – Afterparty Makes FOMO and Alcohol its Strongest Mechanics

I see a lot of game announcements, pitches, and ideas come across my Twitter feed. Some are hits, some miss the mark of my personal interest, and others just stick with me. Some are so unique in their presence that I kinda have to pay attention and keep the game on my radar until they […]

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Game News – Microsoft to Hold its Own ID@Xbox Indie Game Showcase Next Week

Since February 2017, Nintendo has held a Nindies Showcase every couple of months to highlight some of the cooler independent titles hitting their platform. Today, Microsoft revealed that it will be entering the ring as well next week with ID@Xbox Game Pass, a livestream highlighting upcoming indie titles. ID@Xbox Game Pass will premeire at 9:00am PT […]

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Game News – Afterparty Developers Explain What Will Draw in Oxenfree Players

Oxenfree developer Night School Studios first revealed Afterparty last year and from the start it was clear that this new game will be somewhat similar in game mechanics to Oxenfree but radically different in setting and tone. DualShockers recently had the chance to check the game out at GDC and asked Night School Studios Co-Founders Sean Krankel […]