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Game News – Halo Infinite Developers Hire a Pug to Make Alien Sound Recordings

Although we still have a little while to go before we get our hands on 343’s next entry in the Halo universe, Halo Infinite, the developers behind the game wanted to share a very important and special nugget of information with their fans on how they will be implementing all those scary and intimidating alien noises – […]

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Game News – Kakarot New Trailer Retraces the Buu Saga

One good thing nowadays is how you definitely don’t need to go to an event yourself to cover news from it, as trailers and info from there are officially republished over the net and Twitter. This rule stays true with the latest Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot trailer from Paris Games Week 2019. This is a […]

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Game News – Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets an Overview Trailer Reintroducing Every New Mechanic

Nintendo published the Japanese overview trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Other versions of the trailer have yet to be published, but this is Pokemon we’re talking about, a series which didn’t change that much after two decades, so you won’t miss anything even if you don’t understand the language. Plus I’m here to summarize […]

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Game News – Fallout 76 Subscription Model Spawns Social Divide Amid Other Problems

Fallout 76 has offered its own premium subscription model for just over a week now. Announced on October 23, Fallout 76’s premium service (called Fallout 1st) comes with private server access, unlimited scrap storage, and other perks for Bethesda Softworks’ always-on Fallout-as-a-service title. The subscription model has also evidently generated something of a class war […]

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Game News – Disco Elysium Confirmed to Be Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Next Year

Disco Elysium has quickly picked up quite a bit of critical buzz as an indie RPG that’s pushing the boundaries of the genre in some interesting ways. Unfortunately for console owners, the experience is currently only available on PC. However, that may be changing soon. As revealed by Escapist Magazine, lead developer Robert Kurvitz is […]

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Game News – BlizzCon Protest Organized by Gamers for Freedom Supporting Hong Kong to Begin Tomorrow

Blizzard Entertainment is expecting to pull out all the stops for this year’s BlizzCon, which is anticipating an announcement for an Overwatch 2. But along with a crowd of fans, the game company can also expect a wave of dissent. In the wake of Blizzard’s suspension of Hearthstone professional player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung over […]

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Game News – The Unholy Trinity Uses its Retro Style to Horrify You

The rise in horror games‘ popularity came as the medium went 3D, got more detailed, and had more tools to frighten players with. While some retro games, mainly point-and-click adventures, did enter the horror genre, games like this that actually manage to be scary are a rarity. That being said, FAITH: The Unholy Trinity seems […]

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Game News – Persona 5 Royal’s Japanese Launch Saw the Phantom Thieves Taking Over Shibuya

Persona 5 Royal doesn’t have a release date in the West yet, but as of today, it has launched in Japan. To celebrate the game’s release, Atlus has apparently pulled out all of the stops with the game’s marketing. As seen in a recent tweet from the official Japanese Persona account on Twitter, as soon […]

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Latest Game News – Netflix Announces The Witcher Release Date Alongside New Trailer

On December 20, the long-awaited Netflix adaptation, starring Man of Steel’s Henry Cavil, finally arrives. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s influential novels, The Witcher will cover material prior to the beloved CD Projekt Red games – meaning both fans of the games and newcomers will have something fresh to look forward to. Check out the enticing […]

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Game News – Nintendo Switch Lite Sold Nearly 2 Million Units in Only Ten Days Back When it Launched

Nintendo reported its second-quarter operating profits on October 31, giving us the first official numbers on the Nintendo Switch Lite. The second-quarter starts with July and ends with September. The Nintendo Switch Lite launched on September 20, and it sold 1,95 million units in that quarter. It means Nintendo sold 1,95 units of the cheaper […]