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Game News – Skullgirls 2nd Encore Is a Classic, But the Switch Port Has Some Issues

It feels weird to be talking about Skullgirls. Don’t get me wrong—there are plenty of nice things to say about it. In addition to being an absolute blast to play, it has a vibrant and crisp visual style unlike anything else, an infectious soundtrack, and some of the best character designs I’ve ever seen. Skullgirls […]

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Game News – Quantum Ranger Now Playable in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

PS4 players will have to wait a little longer, but Eric Myers, the “Quantum Ranger”, is now playable for the Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions of Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid. The new playable character arrives alongside a substantial patch for the game, the full details of which are available here. You can see the […]

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Game News – Darkstalkers 4 and Dino Crisis 4 Confirmed?–Capcom Plans to “revive dormant IPs”

It’s no secret that Capcom had some lean years–years when both the quality and sales of their games floundered. Recently, though, they have been on a roll. Key franchises have posted extremely good reviews and sales numbers: from Devil May Cry to Resident Evil to Monster Hunter and Mega Man, everything Capcom touches seems to turn to gold (except […]

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Game News – Justin Wong Interview – The Fighting Game Legend Discusses Fatherhood, Career History and Rivalries

Justin Wong is arguably one of the best fighting game players in the world as he has won nine EVO (Evolution Championship Series) titles throughout his career across numerous titles. Starting with Marvel vs Capcom and spanning across other franchises like Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown, Wong is undeniably a master of the genre. Over the past few years, […]