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Game News – DualShockers’ Fantasy Horror Movie and Video Game Crossovers

In case you weren’t already aware, today happens to be the spookiest day of the year. If you aren’t already celebrating with a good horror movie or scary game (or Luigi’s Mansion 3), don’t worry: we here at DualShockers have some tricks and treats ready for you. Since we couldn’t decide between celebrating our favorite scary movies […]

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Game News – Killer Queen Black Giveaway — Win a Retail Copy for Nintendo Switch

Killer Queen Black just released last month and we thought very highly of it in our own review. Now, we’re giving you a chance here at DualShockers to win a copy of the game for yourself. Over the next few days, we’ll be running a giveaway here on DualShockers that will allow you to win a […]

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Game News – Skullgirls 2nd Encore Is a Classic, But the Switch Port Has Some Issues

It feels weird to be talking about Skullgirls. Don’t get me wrong—there are plenty of nice things to say about it. In addition to being an absolute blast to play, it has a vibrant and crisp visual style unlike anything else, an infectious soundtrack, and some of the best character designs I’ve ever seen. Skullgirls […]

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Game News – Modern Warfare Review — Lights Out in London

The Call of Duty series has been in a weird spot since Ghosts. It’s like the series had lost its identity as new shooters started to emerge, with the competition bringing more interesting gameplay mechanics than the tried and true Call of Duty formula. When the series tried to adapt with futuristic changes, it felt […]

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Game News – How Wrestledunk Sports Plans to Stand Out in a Crowded Indie Market

Matt Trobbiani, the developer behind 2015’s excellent Hacknet, recently revealed to the world the new game he’s working on: Wrestledunk Sports. After this, no one can say that Trobbiani is afraid to take risks. Wrestledunk Sports is nothing like the immersive, narrative-heavy hacking simulator he put out four years ago. Instead, it’s an action-packed multiplayer […]

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Game News – Aladdin and The Lion King Review — Oh I Just Can’t Wait For This to be Over

As I’ve stated many times before, Disney is very near and dear to my heart. I’ll basically consume anything made by them and probably defend them a bit more than I should when it comes to their corporate decisions. That being said, it came as a surprise to some of my colleagues that I never […]

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Game News – Afterparty Review — This Must Be The Bad Place

It’s a bit hard to not constantly compare a studio’s second outing to their big debut—it might even be unfair to even do so. But Night School Studio’s Afterparty is a clear attempt of an evolution of the style they established in their 2016 game Oxenfree, a game that I admire quite a lot. It […]

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Game News – Banana Blitz HD Review — Feels Like I’m Going Bananas Again

My first memories of the Super Monkey Ball franchise were that of wonder and excitement. With an interesting take on one of my favorite genres, platformers, it was a colorful and lively series that would undoubtedly be recalled in the future with nothing short of fondness. My second memory of the Super Monkey Ball franchise […]

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Game News – Gears 5’s Most Pivotal Story Moment Worries Me About The Series’ Future

Editor’s Note: This article contains story spoilers for Gears 5: we recommend coming back to this piece after completing the single-player campaign. After finishing the campaign for Gears 5, my thoughts are muddled. Most of my uncertainty around the game is due to several different things like Kait’s character arc (which doesn’t feel fully-developed yet), […]

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Game News – How to Get Insane Shots with Build Mode in Session

Crea-ture Studios’ skateboarding simulation Session brings the magic that EA’s Skate series brought, but ramps up the complexity of performing tricks. While you’re offered a lot of freedom in controlling your tricks, the general exploration of the level is rather constricting, with most of the city being heavily barricaded. There was a time when skateboarding […]