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Game News – Mario Kart Tour Online Multiplayer Mode is Reportedly Planned

If you are really into Nintendo’s mobile version of Mario Kart, we may have some potentially good news for you. Reportedly, there are plans to introduce a Mario Kart Tour online multiplayer mode. This is according to a tweet from Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal. While there is a plan, details on that […]

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Game News – Bethesda Acquires Alpha Dog Games for Mobile Game Development

From consoles to PC, Bethesda Softworks has plenty of major titles in the pipeline like the upcoming DOOM Eternal, The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and more. However, the publisher also hasn’t shied away from focusing its efforts on other platforms, with a new studio it has brought into the fold to expand on its projects in the mobile […]

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Game News – Dota Underlords Gets a New, “Big Update”

Dota Underlords is Valve’s answer to the popular auto-battler genre that was first developed as a mod to Dota 2. Underlords is a standalone version of the game that Valve has quickly been turning into one of the premier titles in the growing genre. This week the game got a ton of changes and additions […]

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Game News – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Officially Hits 100 Million Downloads

Despite the stereotype, don’t let anyone ever tell you that Yu-Gi-Oh! is dead or even anywhere close to dead. Today, Konami revealed that their popular mobile game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, has reached 100 million downloads since it’s launch back in 2017 (2016 for some regions). That’s a pretty huge feat if I do say so myself. Of course, […]

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Game News – An Interview with Sayonara Wild Hearts Developer Simogo

In a blog post in 2016, Swedish developer Simogo talked about “Project Night Road,” which began production after launching the Wii U version of Year Walk. After working on several games for PC, Mac and iOS, the team wanted to do something bigger, faster and more direct. Several years later, we have Sayonara Wild Hearts, […]

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Game News – Plunder Pack is an Interesting Stealth-Strategy Game from Former Zoink Games Developers

In recent years, Zoink Games has put out many intriguing titles recently like Fe, Stick It To The Man, Flipping Death, and Ghost Giant. Following that success, Zoink Games’ former Concept Artist Sina Rahm, Game Designer Emil Nilsson, 3D and Technical Artist Christian Kähkönen, and Programmer Rasmus Jarl all left in 2018 to form a […]

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Game News – Teamfight Tactics Season 2 Includes Hero Overhaul, New Items, and More

Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s answer to the massively popular DOTA Auto Chess mod. TFT is a standalone autobattler set in the growing League of Legends universe. The game did incredibly well in its early beta stage and is now preparing to enter full release. Alongside the move, the game is getting a second season worth […]

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Game News – BlizzCon 2019 Schedule Revealed, Multiple Unannounced Panels Set to Take Place

BlizzCon 2019 is set to kick off next Friday on November 1 and this year’s convention is going to be interesting for a variety of reasons. Not only is the event taking place in such close proximity to Blizzard’s recent controversy involving the Hearthstone pro player Blitzchung and his banning from the esport for the […]

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Game News – Muv Luv Project Mikhail Action Game Annouced for PC, Mobile, Won’t Use Gacha but a Subscription System

Japanese studio âge held on October 22 the “âge 20th Anniversary broadcast [still breathing]” live stream. During the stream, âge most notably revealed three big projects, a reboot for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, a sequel for Muv Luv Alternative titled Muv Luv Integrate, and a new action Muv Luv action game titled Project Mikhail. Project […]

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Game News – Blizzard Blitzchung Suspension Targeted in Letter From AOC, Lawmakers

More news surrounding the Blizzard controversy has come forth, this time in the form of an official letter signed by;  US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rob Wyden, Congressman Mike Gallagher, and Congressman Tom Malinowski. The letter is addressed to Blizzard’s CEO, Robert Kotick and addresses their concerns towards the companies action of […]