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Game News – Sayonara Wild Hearts limited run physical edition announced

iam8bit has opened pre-orders for a limited run physical edition of Sayonara Wild Hearts for PlayStation 4 and Switch, as well as a Sayonara Wild Hearts vinyl soundtrack. Both are expected to ship in Q1 2020. The physical edition of the game is limited to 5,000 prints and includes an embroidered logo patch as a […]

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Game News – Donut County and Gorogoa are Getting Physical Releases on Nintendo Switch

This Thursday, iam8bit will begin taking pre-orders for a physical version of Donut County on Nintendo Switch. The physical edition will be available exclusively on their site. Up to now, iam8bit has also been the rightful seller for the PS4 version of the game. Donut County was one of the most talked-about indie games last […]

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Game News – Turtles in Time OST Available For the First Time on Vinyl

The best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is getting the vinyl treatment! Konami, Nickelodeon, and iam8bit have teamed up to release a vinyl edition of the classic SNES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. It was available in two color variants – a “pizzasplosive” picture disc and “big apple” green. Unfortunately, as […]

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Game News – Gone Home Physical Edition for Nintendo Switch is Now Available

Iam8bit announced on Twitter today that the physical edition of Gone Home for the Nintendo Switch is now shipping. The game has been available for pre-order exclusively on the site for quite some time now but the time for waiting has come to an end. Gone Home originally released in 2013 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. […]

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Game News – Persona 5 Vinyl Available for Purchase Once Again

Persona 5’s Vinyl is back in stock on iam8bit. The Vinyl was originally released in December of 2017 on the site with a limited (1,000 copies) six-disc Deluxe Edition for $175 and a four-disc Essential Edition for $100 respectively. This time around iam8bit has restocked the Essential Edition. Each disc is a different color of […]

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Game News – Florence Limited Edition Vinyl Available for Pre-Order

iam8bit is currently taking pre-orders for the music of Florence. Florence is a mobile game on iOS and Android created by Monument Valley Designer Ken Wong. Playing as a young woman named Florence, you journey through her adult life and a romantic relationship. When the game came out on Valentine’s Day last year it received high acclaim for it’s simplistic yet […]

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Game News – Inside Collector’s Edition from Playdead, iam8bit, and RealDoll Delayed out of Q1 2019

Purchasers of the INSIDE Collector’s Edition received an email update earlier today detailing that the product would not be shipping out in Q1 2019 as was originally planned but will still ship sometime this year. The actual contents of the collector’s edition, specifically the [redacted] item from Real Doll, a life-size sex doll manufacturer, remains to […]