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Game News – Bayonetta Director Hideki Kamiya Reflects on the Series 10 Years After the Original’s Launch

10 years ago today, the original Bayonetta was released in Japan by PlatinumGames and SEGA. It became a benchmark release for not only PlatinumGames’ titles but the action genre as a whole. While we are still waiting to hear more about Bayonetta 3, which was announced in 2017, PlatinumGames is still celebrating this notable anniversary […]

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Game News – Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya want to make a new Okami game

Ikumi Nakamura, the former creative director of GhostWire: Tokyo, who has been visiting a number of game studios since leaving Tango GameWorks, has posted a six-second video with Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, who says, “Okami is going to be back,” and then gives a thumbs-up. In the tweet itself, Nakamura said, “Okami is going to […]

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Game News – Astral Chain Launch Trailer Begins Countdown to Release This Week

Astral Chain releases Aug. 30, 2019, which is this Friday. Nintendo has released a launch trailer this morning to mark an unofficial countdown to the game’s arrival. The trailer features all kinds of pretty colors arcing through the sky as explosions shake the air. We’re then introduced to Neuron–a special police task force designed to […]

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Game News – Astral Chain Has Plenty of Different Gameplays, Including Actual Police Officer Work

Nintendo featured Astral Chain on the first day of its E3 2019 Treehouse stream. We got to see part of the beginning of the game, including the character customization screen. We’ve also seen a mission happening slightly later on, and how the game has actual detective work to do. As the characters in Astral Chain […]

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Game News – Astral Chain Gets Explosive New Trailer, Hack and Slashes its Way to an August Release

A new trailer for Astral Chain made its way to Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct today, showcasing plenty of story and gameplay details. As usual, the game looks super over the top (not complaining of course!), with a bit more of the plot revealed. We also get some confirmation for the official release date of the […]

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Game News – Resident Evil 2 Remake Roundtable Features Hideki Kamiya and Talks Favorite Parts

Director Kazunori Kanoi, Director Yasuhiro Anpo, Executive Producer Takeuchi and special guest Hideki Kamiya (the director for the original Resident Evil 2) discuss their favorite parts of Resident Evil 2 and the Resident Evil 2 remake in a new roundtable interview. One of the most interesting parts of the roundtable was an at length discussion […]

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Game News – Hideki Kamiya Seems to Want a Bayonetta and Mortal Kombat Crossover

The past few entries in the Mortal Kombat series have seen a variety of different guest characters join the roster. From Kratos on the PS3 version of MK9 to the odd additions of Jason Vorhees, Predator, Alien, and Leatherface in MKX, NetherRealm Studios has seemed more than ever before open to bringing in guest characters to the world […]

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Game News – Nintendo Switch Exclusive Astral Chain Gets New Details and Screenshots

Earlier this week, Platinum Games revealed a new Nintendo Switch exclusive title called Astral Chain. The developer has added the game to their official website, giving fans some new details on the game’s storyline, gameplay, and a few other things. Additionally, some screenshots that look like they’re from scenes in the initial reveal trailer were uploaded to […]