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Game News – Microsoft is Hiring a “Live Design Lead” For Halo Infinite to Support the Game Post-Launch

The multiplayer video game ecosystem has rapidly evolved throughout the last ten years. At first, when the trend became hot, most games tried to shoehorn a multiplayer mode in somehow. That slowly evolved into the games as a service genre we have seen today and it looks like Halo Infinite is following suit. Per Gamespot, […]

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Game News – Halo TV Series at Showtime Casts Cortana and Other New Characters; Set to Air in 2021

When it comes to TV and film projects based on video games, few have had as long of a gestation period as that of a live-action adaptation of Halo. The immensely-popular shooter series has gone from a potential film adaptation to the upcoming TV series adaptation that is headed to Showtime, with some of the […]

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Game News – Halo Fan Sadly Passes Away but Parents Use a Fitting Urn in Tribute to Their Late Son

Losing a family member or friend is probably one of the most heart-breaking events someone can go through in life. It’s even harder when a parent has to go through the ordeal of burying their child, but sometimes it can help with the healing process when you do something to commemorate them in a way […]

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Game News – The Master Chief Collection Will Offer a One-Time Transfer of Player File Shares in August

Last month, 343 Industries informed Halo fans that they were looking to move players’ file shares from Halo 3, 4, and Reach to The Master Chief Collection, which hold player-created maps and game types. Since then, 343 has updated players on Halo Waypoint confirming that the migration will take place in August. Due to “technical limitations” the developer will […]

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Game News – Phil Spencer Talks About Giving First-Party Teams Extra Time to Make Quality Games

For the entirety of the Xbox One’s life cycle, one of the most common criticisms of Microsoft has been the lack of first-party games. Even for the ones that did exist were seen as underwhelming. In a new interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer talks about the direction he and the rest of the Xbox team […]

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Game News – Here’s (Mostly) Everything Revealed at the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing

E3 2019 is officially underway and things are popping off right from the start. Which isn’t much of a surprise since Xbox is the one leading the charge. With Sony absent from this year’s E3, this was Microsoft’s chance to really go big a blow everyone away. This included 60 games — 34 of which […]

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Game News – E3 2019 Dreams — I Demand to See Halo Infinite Gameplay, Phil Spencer

We’ve written these E3 Dreams pieces here for three years now at DualShockers, and I feel like every year I have a very underwhelming dream compared to some others on our staff. Back in 2017, the only thing I wanted to see was some gameplay for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Last year, I was just dreaming that […]

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Game News – Halo Live-Action Showtime Series Casts Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief

An attempted Halo movie or television show from Hollywood has proven to be a white whale, but plans from premium cable network Showtime may be turning that pipe dream into a reality. The Hollywood Reporter reported on a key bit of casting, with television actor Pablo Schreiber winning the all-important role of the Master Chief. Co-starring […]

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Game News – Arena Warfare Doesn’t Seem to Offer Much More Than Its Halo-Meets-Portal Premise

Of all the games I checked out last week during PAX East, Splitgate: Arena Warfare was one game that I was extremely curious to try out for myself. I had first started hearing about the multiplayer shooter at last year’s PAX when it was still known as Wormhole Wars. The pitch of combining the arena shooting of Halo–arguably […]

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Game News – Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Not Require Xbox Live Gold

Still on the fence about picking up Halo: The Master Chief Collection for your PC? Well if you were worried about whether you need Xbox Live Gold to play online, you’ll be able to experience the multiplayer without needing a Gold subscription. The only thing you will need to play is a regular Xbox Live […]