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Game News – Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Over 41 Million Units

Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a massive success after the flop that was the Wii U. While it hasn’t matched the success of the Wii or PS4, it may very well be on its way to doing so. Today, Nintendo released its financial results for the second quarter of this fiscal year, and […]

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Game News – Three Houses Sold Over 2.29 Million Copies And Will Soon Become the Best Selling Fire Emblem Ever

Nintendo published on October 31 its second-quarter financial report, revealing many interesting details. We most notably learned that Fire Emblem: Three Houses now sold over 2,29 million copies worldwide. Fire Emblem Awakening, released in 2012, sold over 2.28 million copies by the end of 2018. Fire Emblem Fates, released in 2015, is the current best […]

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Game News – Three Houses and Tetris 99 Cross Over This Weekend

Every month, a Maximus Cup is held in Tetris 99 that can net players special rewards depending on how well they perform. This has allowed the game to cross over with Splatoon 2 in the past, and today we learned that the next Maximus Cup, or Grand Prix in Europe, will be crossing over with […]

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Game News – Three Houses Hacker Blesses Us With a Way to Drink Tea With Death Knight, Yourself, and More

One of the many mini-games in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that players can take part in are Tea Parties. These help to raise affection between the hero and whichever student (or staff member) you decide to sit down with. Of course there are understandable limits to who you can host a party with — until […]

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Game News – Three Houses Accolades Trailer Tells You Why It’s a Must-Play Game

If you haven’t already heard, this Fire Emblem: Three Houses game is supposedly pretty good. Not only did we sing the game’s praises here in our own review here at DualShockers, but it seems many other outlets have been doing the same. Now, Nintendo has released a new accolades trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses to […]

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Game News – Full Houses is Exactly the Crossover That It Sounds Like

With its release in the last few weeks, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has already been deemed as an excellent entry in the series and seems sure to win over fans both new and old. While there’s always going to be the debate about who is the best boy/girl which of the houses is the best to […]

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Game News – Three Houses Repeats as Top-Selling Game on UK Sales Chart

Just as it did the week before, Nintendo’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses bested the competition in the UK over the past week. Once again, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was the top-selling game of the week over in the UK. This makes it the second straight week that Three Houses has accomplished this feat since releasing. Fire Emblem’s stiffest competition […]

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Game News – Three Houses Review — Lessons Learned

Fire Emblem: Three Houses returns to the home console as a dynamically different game when compared to any and all of the other titles in the Fire Emblem series. Many of the gameplay systems that kicked off the series’ newfound popularity in the west on Nintendo 3DS have been altered or abandoned in Fire Emblem: […]

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Game News – Famitsu Sales: 7/22/19 – 7/28/19

Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales data for Japan for the week of July 22, 2019 to July 28, 2019. Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch was the highest selling new release last week with 143,130 opening retail sales. It was followed by Bandai Namco’s fishing arcade game port Tsuri […]

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Game News – Three Houses Debuts Ahead of Wolfenstein Youngblood on UK Sales Chart

In the thirtieth week of the calendar year 2019, Nintendo once again found itself on the top of the weekly UK sales chart this summer with the publisher’s latest release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Upon releasing last Friday, Fire Emblem: Three Houses immediately jumped to the top spot on the UK chart. Coming off of the […]