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Game News – Sonic at the Olympic Games on Mobile is a Love Letter from Tokyo to the World

For those who think that the Olympic Games has a bit too much Mario in it, Sonic at the Olympic Games on mobile platforms should do them well. This week, Sega released a trailer for what they call the “official Tokyo 202o Olympic video game” during the Tokyo Game Show. Like its counterpart on the […]

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Game News – The Skywalker Saga Interview — Developers Discuss the Series’ Legacy, Episode IX, and Prequel Memes

It may have been easy to overlook the announcement of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga when it was just a press release and a cinematic trailer, but at E3 2019 TT Games earned some buzz with a closed-doors hands-off demo. While the game is still a ways off, it had to be seen to […]

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Game News – IndieCade Interview — Festival Director Talks Indie Trends, Streaming, AAA Game Companies

In a corner of the Los Angeles Convention Center’s West Hall, you can find a glowing cube covered with LED lights. This is PiXXL Maze, a part of IndieCade’s showcase at E3 2019. This cube might not be exactly what one would expect to find at the IndieCade booth, but that’s because IndieCade is more […]

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Game News – Legion Interview—Lead Producer Talks London, Brexit, and Simulated Personalities

We’ve seen a number of dystopian societies in video games—you didn’t even have to look beyond E3 2019 to get a glimpse of them. Still, something about Watch Dogs: Legion strikes more of a chord than many of the other fantastical games vying for our attention. In a time where political unrest permeates every aspect […]

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Game News – John Wick Hex Interview — Mike Bithell Talks to Us About Bringing the Action Series to the Gaming World

Before I played John Wick Hex, strategy games were absolutely not my cup of tea. However, once I picked up the game I was blown away by how fun and fast-paced Mike Bithell and his team were able to make it. So I was happy when I got to sit down and chat with Bithell himself for a […]

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Game News – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a Refined Party Game That Finally May Be Worth Our Time

Motion-controlled minigame collections aren’t quite retro, vintage, or nostalgic enough just yet, but they can be considered to be passé. The number of bad ones outweighed the number of good ones, and the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games titles were always somewhere in the middle. The subseries has taken a break, and for […]

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Game News – Legion Has a Timely Premise and Gameplay That Emphasizes “Freedom of Approach”

It’s quite easy to be incredulous about such a high-concept pitch, especially the one that Ubisoft gave for Watch Dogs: Legion back in E3 2019. With the main mechanic of Legion being the ability to control essentially any NPC in the game’s open-world London in mind, I thought of all of the ways I would […]

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Game News – Xbox Releases New Mini-Doc Featuring Behind the Scenes Footage from E3 2019

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into putting on those press conferences that take place each year at E3? Well, just a little over a month after E3 2019 concluded, the team at Xbox has now released a brief new video that shows some behind the scenes footage that took place both before […]

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Game News – Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

After teasing it earlier in the year, Granzella and NIS America confirmed last month that Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories would be coming westward to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in early 2020. The road to the game’s release in Japan last year was a long one as it was canceled and then revived, so […]

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Game News – Full Body Localizers Talk Trans Controversy and the Pitfalls of Localization

When Atlus first released Catherine in 2011, the puzzle-platformer became a phenomenon in ways that the developers didn’t anticipate. Not only were the unconventional gameplay mechanics and story praised, but Catherine somehow ended up with a competitive scene. With a re-release through Catherine: Full Body, Atlus has the rare opportunity of a second chance in […]