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Game News – Epic Games Store Presents Eight Exclusives in PAX Showcase

The Epic Games store PAX West 2019 showcase will, unsurprisingly, be full of exclusives. A new trailer gives us a better look at the eight games we can expect to see: Ooblets, No Straight Roads, Manifold Garden, Superliminal, Wattam, The Alto Collection, Airborne Kingdom, and The Eternal Cylinder. More than one of these titles saw […]

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Game News – Knights and Bikes Review — A Whimsical Island Adventure

Knights and Bikes is a whimsical tale of two young girls embarking on a fantastical adventure to find a long-lost treasure. Developer Foam Sword takes obvious inspiration from other coming-of-age tales like The Goonies and Stand by Me for its narrative. It mixes that with a charming, hand-painted art style and solid exploration gameplay. While […]

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Game News – Knights and Bikes Releases on PS4 and PC at the End of August

Having been in development for over three years now, the Double Fine-published adventure game Knights and Bikes now finally has a release date. Developer Foam Sword announced today that Knights and Bikes will at long last be launching later this month on August 27. Upon release, it’ll be landing on both PS4 and PC via Steam. Knights […]

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Game News – Psychonauts 2 is Looking as Fun as I Hoped it Would

Above all other games that might be coming out over the next year or so, Psychonauts 2 might very well be my most anticipated of all. Double Fine has long been the developer that I have identified as my personal favorite in the entire video game industry; consequently, Psychonauts is probably my second favorite title from the studio, […]

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Game News – Microsoft Sounds Open to Remastering Double Fine’s Back Catalog of Games

One of the biggest moments of E3 2019 for Microsoft was again announcing another studio acquisition, this time that of Double Fine. While the developer is still actively working on Psychonauts 2 and RAD, it seems that in the future, the prospect of bringing some of its noteworthy past releases to modern platforms might not be out […]

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Game News – Psychonauts 2 is Now Planned to Release in 2020

Double Fine announced yesterday that it would be the newest studio joining the family over at Xbox Game Studios. After the announcement of the acquisition, a new trailer for the developer’s current project, Psychonauts 2, was then released. While the trailer provided a lengthy look at the gameplay of Psychonauts 2 for the first time, a release […]

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Game News – Here’s (Mostly) Everything Revealed at the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing

E3 2019 is officially underway and things are popping off right from the start. Which isn’t much of a surprise since Xbox is the one leading the charge. With Sony absent from this year’s E3, this was Microsoft’s chance to really go big a blow everyone away. This included 60 games — 34 of which […]

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Game News – Double Fine’s RAD Graffiti Art Contest Will Feature Winner’s Artwork in the Game

Double Fine’s latest indie title RAD from the mind of Lee Petty, which was first announced during Nintendo’s Indie Direct, has a cool new contest underway as revealed by the official Twitter account: The post-post-apocalyptic world of RAD comes out on August 20th! Get the creative juices flowing and enter the @DoubleFine Graffiti Art Contest […]

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Game News – Psychonauts 2 Demo to Occur at E3 Coliseum with Jack Black and Tim Schafer

Believe it or not, Psychonauts 2 is finally slated to release later this year. While we still haven’t seen much of the game in action, that will be changing next month. As revealed this afternoon, a new demo for Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 is slated to take place next month at E3 Coliseum. Assuming that we don’t […]

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Game News – Double Fine and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s RAD Receives a Release Date

One of the biggest highlights of March’s Nindies Presentation was RAD, a post-post apocalyptic roguelike from the mind of Double Fine’s Lee Petty. Today, Double Fine and Bandai Namco Entertainment confirmed that RAD is releasing for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 20. This means we are just three months away from […]