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Game News – DualShockers’ Fantasy Horror Movie and Video Game Crossovers

In case you weren’t already aware, today happens to be the spookiest day of the year. If you aren’t already celebrating with a good horror movie or scary game (or Luigi’s Mansion 3), don’t worry: we here at DualShockers have some tricks and treats ready for you. Since we couldn’t decide between celebrating our favorite scary movies […]

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Game News – FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki Reiterates that Making Bloodborne 2 Isn’t His Decision

If you’re a fan of the Souls games like me, you’ve likely been asking for years at this point, “When are we going to get a Bloodborne 2?” The original game, which launched back in 2015, is considered by many to be FromSoftware’s best entry in the genre, which makes it seem obvious that the studio […]

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Game News – Code Vein Review — An Anime Vampire Adventure

Ever since the release of Demon’s Souls in 2009, developers have continued to release games in this same vein. These titles don’t hold your hand and typically offer a sizable challenge. Following its initial reveal in 2017, Code Vein is finally here and it seeks to be among the greats like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, […]

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Game News – Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War are the Best-Selling Exclusives on PS4, According to NPD

To coincide with yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play presentation, The NPD Group, an organization that tracks video game sales in the United States, released the list of best-selling titles on PS4, and it actually contained some big surprises. On the exclusives front, Marvel’s Spider-Man is the top-selling game that has released on the PS4. This should […]

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Game News – Sony’s New “Only On Playstation” Collection is a Must-See Gathering of 10 Great Games

Today, Playstation UK revealed a brand new line for collector’s to get their hands on. The 10-game “Only On Playstation” collection is made up of the best exclusive PS4 games like Bloodborne, Spider-Man, and God of War. Each game has a gorgeous new cover that makes the games stand out on any shelf. Check them […]

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Game News – Bloodborne Soundtrack Is Releasing on a Beautiful Vinyl Set

If you needed another reason to listen to Bloodborne‘s spectacular soundtrack, you just got one in the form of a gorgeous vinyl set. Laced Records compiled 21 tracks into two discs that are scheduled to release in September 2019. They only cover the original Bloodborne soundtrack, so don’t expect any tracks from The Old Hunter‘s […]

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Game News – This Wild New Bloodborne Mod Allows You to Take Control of Every Enemy in the Game

It has been over 4 years since FromSoftware’s Bloodborne first launched, but to this day, it remains a game that is almost constantly being talked about in the gaming community. Recently, the game started receiving a ton of attention once again when a crazy new mod for Bloodborne began being shown off online. As seen over on Twitter, […]

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Game News – Bloodborne Fan Restores Cut Content Featuring Vileblood Queen

Internet historians are nowhere near done with Bloodborne, despite the game coming out nearly half-a-decade ago on the PS4. In a new video, Bloodborne lore-master Lance McDonald has pieced together hidden, unused lines from the Vileblood Queen, potentially exposing a plotline that never came to fruition. As mentioned above, news comes by way of Souls series dataminer and From […]

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Game News – The Board Game Has Reached $2 Million on Kickstarter

Earlier this month, fans of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne were treated to the news that the anticipated tabletop adaptation of the challenging action-RPG would begin its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter later this month, and so far the project has already been off to an impressive start. After launching on April 23, 2019, Bloodborne: The Board Game has already reached […]

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Game News – The Board Game Gets a Trailer Featuring Game Footage

In preparation for the start of next week’s Kickstarter campaign, Publisher Cool Mini or Not (CMON) has dropped a trailer for the upcoming Bloodborne: The Board Game. The trailer melds video game footage with a 3D representation of the board game to show that the devs are sticking close to the source material. It’s a […]